Gender Balance

We offer an innovative gender balance programme to facilitate gender equality through individual and cultural change. We co-design the programme based on your needs, and on the needs of each cohort, in advance and in real time, enabling the full engagement of all stakeholders.

Sample outcomes of our programme include:
    • Identify individual goals/ ambitions, and the internal and external factors that contribute to the minimisation of women’s individual influence in the short- and long-term.
    • Formulate action plans for women to address internal and external barriers, where able, to allow for true diversity and inclusion
    • Address internal factors through a selection of strategies, exercises, and tools, creating experiential knowledge of how to augment individual influence and assume authentic ways of working.
    • Identify and explore gender beliefs, and the roots of gender as a social construct
    • Identify and explore behaviours in context of gender equality
      • Unconscious biases (illustrated and contextualised)
      • Old boys’ club/ lad culture (maintaining healthy bonds; perceptions of women and mis/interpretation of interactions)
    • Create an open dialogue on attitudes toward ‘gender diversity’, e.g.
      • Definition of gender diversity
      • Pragmatic, measurable benefits
      • Targets, tokenism, and stigma
    • Discuss the feminisation of issues affecting both sexes
      • Work/ life balance
      • Parental/ caretaking leave
      • Working with emotions
    • Create a safe forum to share relevant insights on gender conditioning and its individual, cultural, and systemic impact in the workplace;
    • Facilitate skilful acknowledgement, truth-telling, and deep listening in relation to participants’ perspectives, beliefs, and experiences;

    • Explore scientifically validated ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ traits and leadership;

    • Develop co-agreed language, communication, and conflict resolution models to facilitate a continued open dialogue on sensitive gender issues; and

    • Build a collaborative network of people who are committed to transforming gender relations, and who are mutually accountable to one another.