Executive and Leadership Coaching


For senior leaders or high-potential employees, we provide individual executive and leadership coaching programmes. Coaching offers a confidential, supportive, and challenging space for individuals to develop according to their professional and interpersonal needs.

As our most specialised and in-depth offering, the outcomes and structure of our coaching programmes are individualised. Frequency and duration are typically biweekly or monthly sessions for a period of 6-12 months. Sample outcomes include:

  • Creation of a comprehensive plan for development
  • Application of vision and values to enhance motivation
  • Identification and engagement of strengths for maximum impact
  • Transformational shifts in leadership behaviour for wider company impact

Our highly trained and experienced team of coaches work one-to-one with senior leadership and high-potential employees to deliver impactful results:

“Working with Nina has been an experience and a journey. She’s helped me see my choices and behaviours with newfound clarity and perspective. Our sessions have been invaluable and I am so pleased with the progress I have made. She is absolutely lovely and a joy to work with.”

Kristen Barnhouse, Global Digital Manager

“Our business was going through a huge transitional phase that brought many challenges, and a great deal of stress, late nights and long days. Karen’s expertise as a coach helped to manage these huge internal shifts and to create solutions to issues that were proving difficult to manoeuvre. She provided solid support, clear thinking and a balanced approach that gave me fresh perspective on the situation at hand, allowing me to step away from my desk and visualise new possibilities. Together, we worked on a variety of issues and the results were used throughout the company. Karen’s guidance and insight proved absolutely critical.”

Catherine Handcock, Publisher

“My experience with having a coach was great. I was hesitant at first, but found having someone to change the way I looked at situations helped me to put them into perspective. I was stressed beforehand and let little things bug me. With the help of coaching, I now know how to take a step back and evaluate why I feel frustrated and whether it is worth my time and energy.”

Michelle Jackson, Financial Controller

“Nicole’s coaching style is solution-focused and holistic. She naturally establishes good rapport… encouraging a ‘self-coaching’ attitude that raises self-awareness through powerful questioning. Being coached by Nicole helped me to identify and prioritise areas in which I wanted improvement. She helped me to identify issues that were beyond my control, and worked with me to arrive at solutions in steps toward a bigger goal focus. Nicole was able to facilitate progress and momentum in all areas identified.”

Femi Aiyebusi, Education Project Manager