Creating Your Career – Your Talent Development Strategy

Be the CEO of your career.

Creating Your Career is an experiential workshop that focuses on formulating a clear bespoke purpose and values for effective leadership of one’s career. In this way, all employees develop stronger personal leadership irrespective of title or level, helping to create a collaborative environment and authentic working culture. This way of working is proven to increase job satisfaction and individual and team productivity.

This workshop is designed to facilitate direction and motivation for employees in order to maximise their talent development and potential.



  1. A bespoke purpose statement providing direction for individual talent development.
  2. Identification of personal values alongside company values to be aligned, authentic, and truly ‘values-driven’.
  3. Application of purpose and values to pre-existing professional development plans. Delegates will leverage key learnings to create short- and medium-term goals in alignment with individual holistic needs, workplace projects and tasks, and wider business needs and goals.


  • A 2-hour foundational session held onsite
  • Facilitation by 2 experienced trainers
  • Up to 30 participants
  • Recommended for:
    • All employees to increase ownership and clarity of direction for career and talent development
    • Managers to oversee the career progressions of their teams

“I really enjoyed the workshop and have taken some valuable ideas that I will implement in my life, including working toward something by putting a longer-term plan in place. Thank you!”

Nadia Marson, Global Sales

“It was valuable to take a step back and look more openly at the present and the future. Likewise, learning from and sharing with colleagues, and looking honestly at yourself and what is holding you back, were highly beneficial. As a result of the workshop, I will take a step back more often to make sure I don’t get caught up in day-to-day activity and lose sight of my goals.”


“As a result of this workshop, I will keep my vision and objectives in my head.”

Maryne Lefeuvre, Marketing Executive