Coaching Skills for Managers

Give managers the skills to develop and release the performance potential of their people through effective one-to-one coaching.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It’s about helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”Timothy Gallwey

Coaching is one of the most effective leadership styles that a manager can adopt in order to optimise the performance of his / her people.

The Coaching Skills programme is an experiential workshop targeted at line managers and run by qualified coaches with industry experience. The skills acquired, when used on a daily basis, enable managers to achieve outstanding performance improvements and to develop increasingly effective relationships with their staff.

We customise the programme in partnership with you, in order to fit your company’s unique organisational needs and goals.

Typical Programme Content:
  • Use and benefits of coaching
  • Establishing the coaching environment / relationship
  • Establishing the coaching environment / relationship
  • Coaching models and skills
  • Skills practice using real and current issues
  • Self-awareness and self-management
  • Impact of personal beliefs and attitudes on own and others’ performance
  • Power of vision and values for stretching performance
  • Overcoming barriers to coaching
  • Raising the game through constructive feedback
  • Challenging poor performers whilst building relationships
Praise for the Coaching Skills Experiential Workshop

Practical and applicable

  • “‘Practical skills that work’ was my key objective. That has certainly been met.”

  • “Will help tremendously with my effectiveness.”

  • “First class. Very timely, straightforward & useable stuff.”

  • “Good fun! Given me what I need – improved skill & structure.”

Facilitates Self-Development

  • “This has helped my self-awareness significantly and listening skills have improved.”

  • “It has given me a greater belief that I can really influence my own performance.”

  • “Very good at bringing out self-realisation as to what we do well and what we don’t.”

Essential for leadership, people management and development

  • “Essential attendance for all leaders.”

  • “A step-change in managing people.”

  • “All managers with staff should attend some form of this training.”

  • “All people managers should attend.”

  • “Important in helping me to develop a number of relatively inexperienced team members.”

  • “A real eye opener for how I can assist and coach my people to fulfil their potential.”

Valuable for team performance management

  • “Will add value to the way my team operates through coaching & communication.”

  • “I would recommend all ‘team leaders’ receive the training.”

  • “A timely course to help me get the most from my team and to help them perform better.”


  • “Best, most thought-provoking workshop I have attended in recent years!”

  • “Course was highly recommended and did not disappoint.”

Embed Corporate Responsibility in Your Supply Chain

Charis is a social enterprise that supports individuals affected by gender-based violence to break cycles of abuse in order to live full, empowered, and violence-free lives.

For each service purchased to support the development of your people and culture, we deliver pro bono one-to-one coaching to individuals affected by abuse, including domestic abuse and modern slavery, in the Greater London community.

Ask us how we can tailor our work to align with your existing CSR strategy.

For further information, contact:

Nicole Berg, Chief Executive