We provide holistic coaching around fulfilment and impact in career and all areas of life, covering everything from leadership development to confidence training and skills. It’s not about working to live, or living to work. It’s about living and working synchronously. Our focus is on values, purpose, and dynamism: who you are, why you are, and what you’re going to do about it.

Charis Coaching provides workshops and one-to-one coaching in organisations with diversity and inclusion challenges to develop high-potential female and male leaders toward their engagement, advancement, and retention.

We value the process and results of our work equally. Our coaches and facilitators are highly qualified with a diversity of experience in various industries, management training, leadership development and executive coaching. Our bespoke approach ensures the right coach is matched to each of our clients.

Let go of the idea that happiness is in the next place – the next destination, the next job, the next partner. Allow joy to be where you are now.

Nicole Berg, Founder, Charis Coaching